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Online gambling at web casinos has flourished over the last decade. The internet has created the ideal platform for casino lovers to play from the comfort of their own homes and the industry has developed into a multi billion Rand entertainment concept as a result.

Advances in computer driven graphic design and user interfaces have meant that web casinos and online gambling has become increasingly more sophisticated. Avatars or virtual players and dealers are now common in most online card games and slots are no longer the boring 1 reel fruit machines that lurked in the corner of the local watering hole but multi line, exotic interactive games with progressive jackpots and huge payouts.

Online casino players expect more – better graphics, real sound effects, more exciting and varied games, better bonuses and promotions. The benefits of not having to travel long distances in order to have a flutter and of not having to deal with some of the annoying parts of visiting a casino have meant that players have flocked to these web casinos in their droves.


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