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Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a high payout from a gaming machine where the value of the pot is increased every time a game is played. The machines that offer progressive jackpots are normally linked together with machines within the same casino and others in order to form a large, incrementally increasing pot of money because there are multiple players adding to the pot. This means that several players are contributing and competing for the same pot, although they are playing on different machines, in different parts of the world.

Progressive jackpots are normally on slot or poker machines. They can be won by spinning or getting the highest pay combination on the machine – for example, a row of the most valuable symbols on a slot machine or a Royal Flush in Poker. The online casino will set the amount that the jackpot progresses at and this is largely dependent on the house edge. Players like progressive jackpots because the games are still relatively novel, they can see the meter continually going up and the pot is temptingly large.

Progressive jackpots are most commonly won by players who wager the maximum number of credits but all bets contribute to the overall jackpot amount. Players refer to a break-even point on the machines, where the odds of hitting a big payoff are substantially increased because it can be expected that someone will win. It is difficult to locate the break even point on a slot machine because the payback percentage for the game is not known to the player. Poker is easier to calculate based on the paybacks and odds of the hands, which are based on a 52 card deck.

Examples of progressive jackpots games include Bad Beat Jackpot, Caribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. The advantage of playing progressive jackpots is the opportunity to win substantial amounts of money. You are in effect ‘getting a bigger band for your buck”.


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Mega Ball Progressive Jackpot

Megaball is a very unique game that includes 8 different games in one platform. Each game has a different betting strategy and the game begins with 6 balls drawn every minute to determine the winning combinations. Players are able to play only 1 betting strategy or up to 10.

On the left hand side of the Megaball screen is the gaming menu. Once a game has been selected, the player is able to play for 1 or multiple drawings. The playing screen also contains a table with your active bets on it and a clock with the time remaining.

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Diamond Valley Progressive Jackpot

Diamond Valley is a 5-reel, multi line progressive jackpot slot game that is one of the stable of games at African Palace Casino. A very popular game, Diamond Valley is played by first selecting the number of pay lines to bet on and then selecting the amount to bet per line. The activated paylines are represented by lines that appear and you can see the outline of each line by pressing the ‘Bet One’ button. You can only win if the winning combination is on an activated payline! Once the paylines have been chosen, the player can now spin the slots and count their winnings!

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Beachlife Online Progressives

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Blackjack Online Progressives

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Cinerama Online Progressives

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