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Casino Glossary

Most online casinos use the same terms for their games and this online casino glossary has been created to help the beginner understand some of the commonly used terms and phrases.

Bank Roll The total amount of money that a player is willing to risk on a single visit to an online casino
Bet The player’s wager
Bet the limit This is when a player bets the maximum amount allowed in a game
Blackjack This is a 2 card set totaling 21, usually consisting of an Ace and a 10-value card
Break / Bust Used in the game of Blackjack where the dealer or the player’s hand exceeds the value of 21
Break / Bust Card The card which causes the dealer or the player to exceed the value of 21
Burn Card The top card of a deck, which is placed face down in the discard pile after the shuffle and cut
Come out The first toll of the dice in the game of Craps which establishes the point.
Crapping-out Having a bet on the pass line and losing it by rolling a 2, 3 or 12 on the come out in the game of Craps
Dealer The employee of the casino who deals the game
Double Down This occurs when the player places an additional wager of up to the amount of the original bet on the first two cards of the hand
Face Cards Any Jack, Queen or King in a deck of cards
Four of a Kind A Poker term, meaning four cards of the same denomination
Full House A Poker term, indicating a set of three cards of the same denomination and a set of two cards of the same denomination
Gambling The act of voluntarily risking money on the outcome of an event or game
Hard Hand This is any hand that does not have an Ace or a hand in which all Aces are counted as one.
Hit This is when the player requests an additional card
Hole Card This is the dealer’s hidden down card
House Rules Each casino has their own set of rules for dealers and players
Insurance This is where the player bets that the dealer has a Blackjack when the dealer’s up card is an Ace
Jacks or Better A Poker term, which means a pair that pays off only if the cards in the pair are face cards (i.e. Jacks, Queens or Kings) or Aces
Jackpot A Poker term, meaning a pair which pays off if the cards in the pair are face cards or Aces
Money Management Determining the minimum bet that can be placed on the total bank roll available for that visit to the casino
Natural A Blackjack term referring to a two card total of 21 consisting of an Ace and a 10-value card.
Baccarat A Baccarat term meaning a two card total of 8 or 9
Craps A Craps term meaning that a player has rolled a 7 or 11
Player / Playing Strategy A self imposed set of rules designed by the player in order to get the best odds for defeating the dealer and the house
Push A tie – when neither the dealer nor the player win or lose
Royal Flush A Poker term, which describes a set of five consecutive cards of the same suite that start with a 10 and finish with an Ace (i.e. ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace)
Shoe This is a hand that contains an Ace where the Ace is counted as 11. The total in this instance must be 21 or less
Soft Double Down This is when one of two cards is an Ace
Split This is an option to play each of the two cards as a separate hand. This means that a separate but equal bet to the original wager must be made.
Straight A Poker term, where the set of cards contains five consecutive denomination cards of different suites
Straight Flush A Poker term, where the set consists of five consecutive cards of the same suite
Stand This is a decision made to not receive another card
Standing Hand A hand that requires the dealer to be standing
Three of a Kind A Poker term meaning a set of three cards of the same denomination
Two Pairs A Poker term, meaning two sets of pairs of the same card denomination



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